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Best Recession Resistant Franchise Opportunities

Written by : Cory Barber
With the situation the way it is in today&'s economy, thousands of talented employees, both white and blue collar, are being downsized at an alarming rate, and, unfortunately, are discovering that the job search they are undertaking is not a very pretty one. Then the realization sets in. Sadly, this economic climate that we&'re in is unlikely to change toward the positive anytime soon, and many fear never replacing the big incomes they&'ve been accustomed to. On the other hand, now is a great time to explore one of the many recession-resistant franchise opportunities that are available.

There are several business models that don&'t feel the pinch of a recession. Certain service franchise businesses tend to actually thrive during tough times because some business owners and consumers are just unwilling to sacrifice in particular areas.

Senior Care.

In addition to health care professionals, sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, etc., are constantly seeking reputable, quality senior care. The senior population, which is the currently the fastest growing segment of the population, grows steadily every year and is projected to double between 2000 and 2030. It&'s a huge, huge industry, expected to be a $490 billion market by 2030. As baby boomers approach retirement, the market increases exponentially. Featuring low start-up costs with high income potential, most Senior Franchisors require no medical background or experience.

Pet Care.

Do you love pets? Pet owners sure do, based on their spending habits. Did you know that there are some fantastic pet franchises that you can operate from a home office, like pet cleaning and grooming, as well as dog training? Some may contend that pet services fall into the “luxury” category, but historically speaking, consumers have an unconditional love for their pets and do not sacrifice in this area. The pet industry is huge and flourishes during even a bad economy.

Automotive/Disaster Industry.

Have you ever considered industries in which the franchise business is compensated directly from an insurance company? Unfortunately, auto accidents and fender-benders occur everyday, everywhere. There will always be a demand for a reputable automobile repair shop and who pays the business for fixing the damage? That&'s right, the insurance company does, so you are assured immediate payment. What about floods and fires that businesses as well as homeowners experience? Once again, you are assured payment by the insurance company to clean up the water damage or rebuild after a fire and these repairs need to happen immediately.

Accounting/Tax Preparation.

Regardless of the economy, there will always be a strong need for quality tax preparation As the population grows, so does the overall number of tax filers. This market has increased by millions in the past few years. Also, the tax laws and procedures become more complicated every year and the demand for professional tax preparation is experiencing steady growth.

So, a recession can most definitely provide opportunity, especially in specific service industries. The above examples are just some of the possibilities. Take the time, perform your due diligence, and consider what franchise business might be right for you-even in tough times.
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