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Electronic payroll reports and employment records . . . You will save much more than paper.

Written by : ADP Canada
In this era of environmental awareness and of the will to save our planet, some companies have chosen to declare themselves accountable and do their share for the environment. Many organizations stand out by adopting waste management plans, made-to-measure environmental policies, without mentioning those that thoroughly commit themselves to complying with Environmental Management Policy ISO 14001.

However, though certain companies choose not to consider the environmental consequences of their activities, they probably also ignore all the advantages that some of these measures offer in productivity and finances.

Which brings us to the emerging trend of paperless payroll reports and employment records in particular.  Eliminating paper in the payroll management field could prove to be a good start for your company, at both the environmental and economic levels.

“The electronic payslip combines technology and self-service to eliminate paper and reduce the time spent by your Payroll department in less strategic aspects of personnel management,” explained Serge Lamarche, Vice-President, Client Service for ADP in Québec.

Within the current economic context, it is imperative to find processes to ensure increased productivity, while making sure operating costs are cut. Furthermore, if your company complies with these methods in environmental matters, it will become a winner on various levels. Following are a few advantages offered by electronic payroll management:

Increased productivity: Your Payroll Management department is free to concentrate on strategic tasks rather than prepare, print and distribute printed payroll reports.

Reduced costs: With the electronic transmission of payroll reports, there are no direct deposit receipts or pay stubs to print or distribute. Companies spend thousands of dollars every year to print and mail the cheque stubs of all their employees. Direct deposit also avoids liquidity problems or cheques lost by or stolen from your employees.

Reduced storage needs: All your payroll related reports can be accessible over the Internet. No mountains of paper to keep on file.

Increased efficiency: Rather than being buried in piles of paper, all necessary data are at hand and filed electronically for easy and rapid retrieval.

Reduced errors and problems: The self-service method offered to the employees allows them to change and update their own personal data. There are fewer chances of entering erroneous data.

Once you have made the decision to enjoy the efficiency and savings generated by electronic payment, you will have the very attractive option of offering your employees direct deposit of their pay. This will save you time and money as the employer, and be one less hassle for your employees.

Electronic payroll reports will also offer your employees direct access to current information about their pay, allow them to print a history of their pay information to check their earnings and salary in order to obtain personal loans, mortgage loans or any other financial need without having to contact your Payroll or HR department.

Since 2005, ADP Canada also offers Service Canada’s electronic transmission of Records of Employment, using a safe Federal Government’s computerized transfer service. This was developed in collaboration with Service Canada as part of the Federal Government’s objective to reduce paperwork and increase electronic information transmission. This agreement also allows ADP to pursue its mission to reduce employers’ administrative concerns.

With more than 50,000 clients across Canada, ADP Canada (ADP) is the country’s largest provider of employer-related services. Among ADP Canada’s traditional outsourcing products and services and those offered via the internet, the company offers payroll, human resources management, time and labour management, as well as occupational health and safety, and comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services. ADP Canada pays one in five Canadians. Groupe AST is the industry leader in occupational health and safety (OHS) management in Québec. It works with more than half of all the companies belonging to prevention mutual groups, i.e. 14,500 members. In 2005, Groupe AST became a subsidiary of ADP Canada, Canada’s leading provider of employer services.

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