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Blueprint for Success - Part 9

Written by : John McGavin

Tools for Structurally sound decisions

Expect to get Nervous

Buying a business is a serious decision. No one makes a serious decision without getting a little nervous, or at least some butterflies in the stomach at some point. If you don't get nervous, you may not know enough!

Good, solid, serious research and good advisers will lead you to a good decision. Talk to the successful franchisees - they're the ones who can give you the most information on how to succeed in their franchise.

Also, be sure to talk to the unsuccessful franchisees and learn from them. Find out what they would have done differently to avoid making a bad decision. When you have gathered the information, and are honest about your own abilities, you will make a smart, educated decision for yourself....despite the butterflies! tunity.

Expect to get nervous.Deal with it.Don't let nerves steal your dream

Why Use a Consultant?

You wouldn't build a building without hiring a talented and experienced team of proven professionals. The architect, engineers, and construction crew are seasoned experts who know what it takes to build a sturdy, successful building that will last for many years. Building success in franchise ownership should be no different. FranNet consultants worldwide have proven track records of helping individuals find the right business that best fits their unique personality and experience, and that can best help them achieve their business goals. Best of all, there is never any cost to you for using our services. Below are ways that FranNet can benefit you.


We want to be sure we understand you, your goals and your dreams. Our first step is to talk together. Then we'll ask you to fill out our Business Preferences Questionnaire (see pages 12-13). By filling out these few pages, it will give us more insight into you and the kind of business that should be the right one for you.


Next, we will study your questionnaire and arrange a conversation, either by phone or in person. We usually spend at least one to two hours with you to develop a blueprint or model of the perfect business for you. Later, you will use this model to evaluate businesses you choose to learn more about. This model is uniquely yours so we want to make sure you feel it's correct. When you are satisfied that you have identified your model correctly, we will be ready to suggest business types that structurally and strategically meet your model. Best of all, you will be able to compare each business you look at to your model and will have a level playing field against which to measure them.


When you've identified some business types that you think match your model, we'll identify and suggest specific companies you may want to be introduced to so you can start to learn about them in greater detail. Over the years, we've screened hundreds of Franchisors and worked with thousands of people just like yourself, so we have a good idea of the kinds of choices that you're probably looking for.


This may be the most important step of all. We can't do your research for you, so it's your job to do the "heavy lifting" and conduct a complete and thorough investigation of any business that you think may be right for you. We'll even give you some sample questions and a Four-Step Research Process (see pages 14-15) to help you get started with this all important step.


When you are ready to buy, we can help you locate financing sources, franchise attorneys and other resources you may find helpful. FranNet will provide you with guidance, information, and support as you seek your goals. We are ethical and experienced consultants who can help you find what you want affordably and safely. No other franchise organization has as much experience and as much success in helping prospective franchisees find businesses.

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