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Finance Column is provided by a professional finance consultants who will help you and direct you to start your own franchise and develop your business.

Mary Sullivan
A reader recently asked about obtaining a loan to finance the start of his pastry shop franchise.
Jeff Elgin
Everyone knows the current lending environment is a challenge--especially if you're trying to finance a startup. Yes, there's still financing available for qualified people, but selecting the right funding strategy is more important than ever.
Tom Davis
While hundreds of thousands of financial experts, economists and investors, around the world, anxiously watch declining unstable stock markets it appears that few appreciate how the rules of human productivity enter into the equation.
Corporations Canada
Although some may think it overly ambitious at the outset, many businesses that are just starting up in Canada intend to operate in more than one province or territory, at some point in the future.
Anna Piekarski
`Fiercely competitive' market for commercial loans means "it's a great time to be a small-business owner," one banker says
Experts Articles
Everyone has to decide for themselves what level of sacrifice and risk they're willing to undertake in order to enjoy the satisfactions of working independently.
ADP Canada
In this era of environmental awareness and of the will to save our planet, some companies have chosen to declare themselves accountable and do their share for the environment.
ADP Canada
With high schools and universities across Canada emptying out in the next weeks, many employers will be capitalizing on eager, affordable student workers in the summer months. For students, it’s an opportunity to earn some much-needed cash while school’s out
ADP Canada
When we speak of occupational health and safety costs, employers immediately think of their CSST bill (assessment).
ADP Canada
A little more than two years ago, the Québec government passed legislation regarding psychological harassment in the workplace. The new law gave the Commission des normes du travail (CNT) the mandate to establish a complaint investigation process and to provide complementary solutions for employees who are the victims of psychological harassment.
ADP Canada
Employees in a number of sectors, such as fast food outlets, gas stations, and convenience stores, frequently find themselves working alone on the premises. It is important to give serious thought to the risks inherent in this situation and to ensure the safety of such employees.
ADP Canada
In an economic setting geared towards globalization, optimizing business processes plays a key role in the operation of both small and large businesses. As a result, HR management processes, including payroll, constitute an essential element in a small business’ ability to compete. Franchisees themselves also face these very critical management issues.
ADP Canada
Given that payroll, HR management and benefits administration generate a large number of transactions and involve large dollar amounts on companies’ financial statements, their administration is considered to be “in scope” under Section 404 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) and CSA Multilateral Instrument 52-1111.
ADP Canada
Finding qualified employees in the retail trade industry is currently a daunting challenge for many employers. And this challenge is becoming increasingly difficult to handle. In addition to establishing good recruiting methods, it will also be necessary to build on effective employee loyalty procedures if you hope to keep your best resources.