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Franchise owners are increasingly using class actions to sue their parent companies over disputes they otherwise couldn't to afford to pursue on their own, lawyers say.
Thomas M. Pitegoff
The term of the franchise agreement and renewal rights directly affect the value of the franchise. The term of most franchise agreements ranges from five to twenty years
Thomas M. Pitegoff
The extent of the franchisee's interest is defined in large part by the scope of the grant with respect to the territory, the market or channels of distribution, the goods or services, and the extent to which the grant is exclusive.
Thomas M. Pitegoff
A franchise is a creature of contract; it is defined by the franchise agreement.
David Gray
The time has never been better to explore international expansion into Canada.
Jeff Elgin
In part one of this article, I discussed some basic characteristics that explain the nature of the franchise agreement contract.
Joseph Adler
The franchise agreement may simply expire at the end of the initial term or, if applicable, at the end of the renewal term.
Joseph Adler
A franchisor will require its franchisees to attend its initial training sessions to provide the franchisees with the necessary training and support to successfully launch and operate a franchise.
Joseph Adler
There are several different types of payments generally owing under a typical franchise agreement.
Joseph Adler
As noted above, the grant of the right to carry on the franchised business is usually limited to a defined territory. This territory may or may not be protected.
Joseph Adler
One of the first issues to address when drafting a franchise agreement is to determine the identity of the contracting parties.
Lori Karpman
Congratulations! In visiting this site and reading this article you have taken the first and most important steps on the road the self-employment that franchising has to offer.
Joseph Adler
Are U.S. Franchisors Complying with Ontario’s Franchise Disclosure Requirements?
Joseph Adler
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In the world of franchising it is imperative to have a cohesive marketing plan throughout all regions and all franchised outlets.
Joseph Adler
Franchise law in this Province of Ontario has become much more complex since the passing of the Arthur Wishart Act (Franchise Disclosure), 2000, Ontario's franchise disclosure statute.
Joseph Adler
Franchising is a very popular way to expand one’s business these days.