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  1. Human Resources management consulting
  2. strategic planning
  3. business process engineering
  4. integration and implementation services
  5. legislative compliance services
About ADP

ADP is Canada’s leading provider of outsourced business administrative solutions that help companies of all sizes efficiently manage their internal processes. ADP’s offerings include both traditional and Internet-based outsourcing products and services, giving clients the ability to select from ADP's comprehensive range of World Class Service solutions.

ADP’s offerings include payroll, Human Resources Management, time and labour management, integrated solutions, comprehensive outsourcing and consulting services that are flexible enough to grow with your organization and change as your business needs evolve.

As you seek to improve your business performance and achieve greater productivity, you’ll benefit from ADP’s 50-plus year history of delivering proven solutions, extensive expertise and time-honoured support. Rely on ADP to ease your administrative burdens, reduce your exposure to risk and meet your needs year after year.

Why outsource?

Increased competition and the growing need to reduce costs have made many businesses look for opportunities to outsource some core business tasks. And many businesses start with payroll and human resources management.

If payroll and other related tasks are robbing you of valuable time, talk to ADP about how you can achieve greater cost efficiencies and time savings.

Professional Services

ADP offers a full range of payroll and Human Resources management consulting services including strategic planning, business process engineering, integration and implementation services and legislative compliance services.

ADP Profile

ADP is recognized in Canada as the leader in payroll, human resources management, time and labour management and benefits administration solutions:

• Helping to improve business performance for over 50 years.

• Earning the privilege of serving nearly 500,000 clients worldwide with traditional and Internet-based solutions.

• Employing more than 40,000 associates worldwide.

• Dedicated to providing new value-added products and services to our clients.

• Committed to providing World Class Service every day.

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