Pizza Pizza opens 13th restaurant in Montreal, 30th location in Quebec


Pizza Pizza, Canada’s leading pizza chain, has opened a new location in Anjou, the company’s first on the east side of the island of Montreal that will allow a broad new segment of the Montreal population to enjoy Pizza Pizza’s extensive menu offering. The opening is part of an organic expansion centered in Montreal and surrounding area that is proving quite successful. A total of 13 new locations have opened in the area since the announcement of the expansion.

Located at 8000 Henri-Bourassa East, on the corner of Ray-Lawson Boulevard in Anjou, the restaurant is situated at the heart of a diverse district that combines commercial properties and residential developments. The new restaurant is the fourth to open in the Greater Montreal Area this year.

“We’ve spent several years preparing for expansion in Quebec,” said Pat Finelli,” Chief Marketing Officer for Pizza Pizza. “It’s gratifying to know that Quebecers are trying our menu, enjoying our product and responding with loyalty. When customers get to know Pizza Pizza they’ll find a company that cares deeply about quality ingredients, value, diversity of taste and food, and the local community.”

The Anjou restaurant offers Pizza Pizza’s complete menu, a wide assortment of options that includes classic and gourmet pizzas, chicken wings, bites and strips, shrimps, pasta, salads, sandwiches and more. The location also offers Fresco Pizzas, a unique concept recently launched by Pizza Pizza that comprises 12 thin-crust pizzas that are as artisanal and gourmet as what customers would find in a high-end dine-in pizza restaurant, but at a fraction of the price and served in a fraction of the time.

“Pizza Pizza is one of the most innovative quick-service restaurant chains in Canada,” said Robert Gagnon, franchisee of the new location. “And we feel they’ve earned that distinction due to concrete actions, like product development, incredible value and local sponsorship programs. We’re convinced that our community will respond well to this offering, particularly employees from neighbouring businesses and families who are looking for a place to stop in for nice meal or to pick something up.”

The restaurant is located in a multi-tenant building that features two quick-service chains offering complimentary food choices and shared amenities, including a spacious dining area ideal for large groups of colleagues, sports teams or families with diverse tastes and preferences.

Pizza Pizza opened its first restaurant in Montreal in 2007 as part of a second wave of expansion in the province. Today, in addition to the company’s 13 traditional restaurants in the region, Pizza Pizza also has ten non-traditional locations in sites such as McGill and Concordia universities, Cineplex theatres, Bell Centre and La Ronde. The company has also secured sponsorship agreements with the Montreal Canadiens, Impact and Alouettes. Pizza Pizza expects to open one additional location on the island of Montreal before the new year and several more in 2013.

About Pizza Pizza Limited

Founded in 1967, Pizza Pizza Limited is Canada’s pizza pioneer and one of the country´s most successful quick service restaurant chains. The company is guided by a mission to provide the “best food, made especially for you” with a focus on quality ingredients, customer service and continual innovation.

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