Franchise Profile : Life Wave
The Lifewave technology is now ccessible to everyone at large in 92 countries, due to the effort of it’s inventor who worked more than 7 years to do so
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What’s Lifewave?
  • Created by David Schmidt in 2004
  • Distributed in more than 92 countries
  • Home office in California (USA)
  • Techology: Use of electromagnetic field (energy) of the body to cativate specific body function.
  • It is a union between acupuncture and Quantique Physics


The Patches have the following actions:
  • Raise the energy , the endurance and muscles contraction
  • Minimize pain and inflammation
  • Brûler les graisses et réduire l'appétit
  • Improve on sleep quality and make waking up easy
  • Raise the glutathion and carnosine in the body
With this technology, Lifewave will create, in the future other messages to activate different body functions.

Become a LifeWave Distributor

Members of our LifeWave family all over the world are sharing our breakthrough products, and creating a long-lasting residual income.

Build your own lucrative business and create long-lasting residual income !

As people share their own stories about how the patches have solved their physical concerns, they find others eager to try them too.

That's how our business has grown as large as it is, simply by people sharing their stories with others, helping them become loyal product users and then encouraging them to become Associates too.


LifeWave® Take care of his distributors

Our LifeWave family has members from all walks of life - world class and weekend athletes, healthcare professionals, coaches, lawyers, homemakers, retirees, and many others.
And each of them enjoys the help and support of their sponsor, other Associates, and from the corporation’s world-class support system.

The timing for Lifewave is now!
  • Lifewave patch are unique products in the world , and have no competition on the market.;
  • The market of Lifewave patch is new in Canada, in Québec it started only in 2008;
  • Since the Lifewave network is young in Québec, you can well position yourself, and benefit from the future growth of the network.
It is now time to become a distributor
  • Become a distibutor now and place your initial order now.
  • Be available for the informations and ready to work with Lifewave support team. We are dedicated to your success.

Let us give you the opportunity to:

fufill your dreams.

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