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Postcard Portables transformed out-of-home advertising with the invention of the mini-billboard. This highly affordable media is sought after by companies, universities, and organizations to promote sales, events, and much more. We started our first location in Regina and expanded throughout Canada. Today, Postcard Portables also offers businesses a wide variety of signage and print solutions.

Our franchisees have something in common: resolute determination and the wisdom to recognize something good when they see it.

Dan Jenken

London, ON

Dan started with a truck accessory and coating franchise. When he was introduced to the Postcard Portables model, Dan saw the advantages over another he was considering.

Through his experience, Dan knew a good franchise provides constant access to technical and regional support for other franchisees. However, Postcard Portables offered more.

“A unique product, and a team of internal mentors who are all great people, and hard workers. The team members all have a lot in common, they are all driven to succeed, and they get to do so together.”

Kyle Moffatt

Regina, SK

Kyle never set out to be a franchisee. His father started the business, and Kyle worked part-time while attending university. However, when Kyle’s father became ill, Kyle took over the business. He saw its entrepreneurial potential, but more importantly, he saw a way to connect with his local community and touch lives while providing an invaluable service. He also realized the Postcard Portables’ system supported franchisees to minimize their risk and create success, all within a family-like dynamic.

“With a franchise, you get the best of both worlds – the freedom to run your own business, but also a set of systems and expectations to help keep you accountable.”

Regan Simonson

Saskatoon, SK

Regan has entrepreneurship in his blood. He first started a cleaning business and later joined forces with his 6 brothers to build a successful agricultural equipment and services dealership.

Regan was looking for a business investment to provide a good income and flexible hours, but not necessarily a franchise. Nonetheless, he investigated when he saw a listing for the Postcard Portables Saskatoon franchise.

After in-depth discussions, he realized the franchise offered many benefits sole-proprietorships could not. It had the unlimited growth potential of entrepreneurship, plus an established, effective support system and a range of quality, proven products.

“We offer the best portable sign in the industry. You’re never in it by yourself; if you have a question there is always someone to ask.”


Great opportunities don’t come around very often. If you’re contemplating entrepreneurship, but your fears are holding you back, let’s talk. We’ll be happy to explain our home-based business model, which requires a low investment amount and is simple to get started so you can see the potential too.

You can be your own boss, earn a good income, and create a thriving business…and you’ll have the expertise and support you need on your journey to financial freedom. What’s stopping you from fulfilling your dreams?

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